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Hi, I’m Glenn Leahy and I’m Director of Coast Pictures, a premier video production company servicing the Sydney area. At Coast Pictures we specialise in creating video and web content as a primary platform for promoting your brand and sales growth.

With over fifteen years of industry experience, we are creative, innovative and capable professionals who know how to get great results. We know that you, our clients, rely on our ability to get your message and your brand out there, so we spend time listening to you, your wants and needs, before providing you with personalised, high quality production services at a realistic price. Our success comes through your success.

From beauty to banking, from manufacturing to fashion, you can capitalise on our vast experience to create any type of project for any target market or audience. We specialise in video creation for websites and online content, Corporate Video production, Music Video, Video promotions, Web Video, Video Streaming and Training Video’s.

Above all, we listen to you and provide you with that special quality of product that you, our client, demands.


Glenn Leahy

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Everyone has a story… The greatest selling point you have is your story, your own personal journey.  If you are passionate about your brand or business, then we want to show that to the world…and your customers.


We bring your story to life in film!  We tell your story with beauty and creativity.  We let your audience get a feel and taste for who you are and what you stand for.


The whole point of creating a video is for people to watch it.  We create a video that is right for your audience and market.  Weather its for TV broadcast, in-store or online, we know the strategies for getting views and getting your story out there.

Working with Coast Pictures

At Coast Pictures we understand that, to many people, the production process can be quite daunting. By involving our clients in every step of the process…from creative concept right through the shoot to post-production…we de-mystify this process.

The approach to producing any successful project is to create an environment of complete co-operation and creative freedom, where all needs and ideas are discussed, and all options are looked at. We have no boundaries at Coast Pictures, everyone involved on the job, especially the client, has the freedom to ask questions and openly express their ideas. We like to work as a team, where all members are equally important.